Update on Maddie


Miss Maddie is now happily adjusting to life in her new home!  A great family that lives just outside of Boston adopted her and she could not have found a better home.

Although it comes as no surprise to me, she is doing great and loves her new friends and family. Her mom tells us Maddie is a quick learner and a true delight to be around.  She no longer bites the leash on walks and even goes on a lot of hikes off the leash altogether.  She’s making tons of doggie friends and especially loves going to the beach.  The car trips to get to the beach are a riot with Maddie because she likes to remind you of her exuberant personality by howling along to the songs on the radio.

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Her new feline sister, Smokey, has become a great companion to spend time with and they hit it off as soon as she got home.  Maddie knows how to work her stuff in public.  Oftentimes she’ll look up at Mom when she sees another dog acting up as if to say, “Check that guy out.  Aren’t you glad I’m so well-behaved?”  She’s a fan favorite in the neighborhood and gets along with everyone she meets.  It warms my heart to learn that this wonderful dog has found people and a place to call her own!

-Kelsey Holbeck