CSD Behavior Modification Webinars


I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on the latest webinars that Dr. Sheila D’Arpino has conducted here at the Center for Shelter Dogs. These webinars have been a huge hit and so unbelievably helpful to people by providing information in an extremely easy way.

They can watch or listen right from their own homes or offices.

I listen and watch these webinars from a different perspective than everyone else.  I am a participant along-side Dr. D’Arpino while the webinars are being conducted live. We have several planning meetings leading up to the webinars in order to ensure our attendees are getting the best user experience. Since we have people attending from all around the world, it’s important to make sure all of the details and webinar technology are functioning properly.

I am always impressed by Dr. D’Arpino’s calmness during the process and especially once the webinar begins.  She knows the information and her slides so well that she speaks with so much energy and interest.  I can’t help but think that everyone out there is sitting on the edge of their seats listening to the important and helpful information that she is providing.

Throughout the webinars we try to use as many interactive features as possible to keep listeners engaged.  Dr. D’Arpino allows participants to ask questions, participate in polls, and provide feedback about their shelter dogs.  It definitely keeps it interesting for us while we are conducting the webinar so I can only imagine it also keeps it interesting for everyone else too.

You may watch a few of our most recently recorded webinars here.

We have several more webinars planned for the rest of the year so mark your calendars… we look forward to having you as a participant!

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-Laney Nee, CPDT-KA