An Update From Nellie


My name is Nellie and recently, I got a new home. I first met my potential family when I was staying at Sheila’s house, the nice lady from the Center for Shelter Dogs at the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

I loved Sheila and her family and felt very comfortable in her home so you can imagine how underwhelmed I was at the idea of meeting more new people. When they came in, I was a little nervous at first; I barked a bit and stuck my tail between my legs, slinking around. I wasn’t thrilled at the strange dude in the house, but the lady was OK. But then I ventured over to sniff-out my potential new bro (a 20 lb Rattie who looks JUST like me!) and everything changed. Seeing as I love other dogs, meeting this male version of me definitely helped break the ice. We quickly went outside and began our game of chase (well, I chased him because this is probably my favorite game in the world!). We pounced, sniffed and played together. You could say I brought him out of his shell because he is FAR more reserved than I am! Sheila and my potential parents watched us play and were thrilled at how we got along. But seriously, what dog wouldn’t love me? My signature move of sticking my bum in the other dog’s face is sure to win anyone over.

Nellie 1

Soon after, it was official. My adorable behavior (not to mention my hilarious personality and incredible cuteness) won these humans over and I soon found myself in a new home.

I instantly loved my new surroundings, my new parents, and especially my new bro, Bosworth. Boz was a little standoffish at first, but I kept plugging away, following him everywhere, cuddling up next to him and he eventually came around. Soon, he was licking me all over, holding my paws and using me as a pillow. Now, he follows ME everywhere. Awesome. I love being in charge! Sometimes he still puts me in my place and I always listen to him. I really am very easy-going once you get to know me! These days, life is good. My Mom and Dad take me and Boz everywhere and I’ve made some great pals around the neighborhood. While I love going on walks (and I go on LOTS of walks!), my most favorite place in the world is curled up in a teeny, tiny ball under the bed covers. I feel so cozy and safe and warm in there! The only bummer about this hiding spot is that because I am so small, Bosworth sometimes steps on me when jumping into bed. Ugh. Things could be worse, I guess.

Nellie 2

As I continue to get comfortable in my new home, more of my very special and hilarious idiosyncrasies have emerged, prompting the coining of many nicknames. I thought I’d make a list because these monikers demonstrate how incredibly special I am (if I do say so myself!):

Nellie Belly: Besides the game of chase, my favorite thing is lying on my belly with my hind legs outstretched and pulling myself across the floor as I squeak, howl and “talk” to anyone who will listen. In fact, this stretch is usually how I commence my day: my Mom’s eyes open, I squeak, drop on my belly, squirm/slither over to her like a snake while squealing with happiness. Then it’s cuddle time. Is there anything better? Oh, yea, and I tend to do this “Nellie Belly” move whenever I’m really happy. My Mom calls it my “happy dance.”

-Nervous Nellie: Let’s face it….loud noises, especially accompanied with movement, are really, really scary! I hate garbage trucks. Well ANY trucks for that matter. I also don’t really dig strangers, especially when they come into my home. Mom usually takes me to the front door on my leash, so I can greet the visitors before they walk in the door. This seems to help. I mean, really? Who actually welcomes strangers into their home? As long as I have a minute to meet the new arrivals, everything is cool.

Smelly Nellie: I love to give kisses and, I have to say, I am quite good at it. I especially LOVE to kiss my Dad. I am definitely becoming a Daddy’s girl. Anyway…despite how generous I am with my licks, Dad still insists I have very stinky breath (even though he accepts them with great happiness). As far as I’m concerned, he should be far more grateful for my affection. Who doesn’t LOVE kisses?! I’ll never stop showing affection because, well, that’s me – affectionate lil’ Nel.

Nellie 3

I just want everyone to know that I am a very happy pup in my new home and I know my parents (and Bosworth) feel just as lucky to have me. I feel safe, comfortable and very much loved. This is where I am meant to be and my new family thinks so, too.