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New research from the Center for Shelter Dogs looks at owner reports of excitable dog behavior, aka, "jumpy/mouthy" behavior.  We know this behavior is common in shelters but there's been little research looking at it from the owner perspective.  More research is needed, especially to understand the prevalence and contributing factors, but this study, although limited in generalizability, documents how challenging this behavior can be for owners.  We hope this prompts more research into this topic!  Visit our "Jumpy/Mouthy" resource center to learn more about this behavior in shelter dogs and how to manage it.

Education & Resources


The Center for Shelter Dogs offers a variety of educational resources including free webinars, videos, research, and training documents focused on improving the lives of shelter dogs.

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Training & Enrichment


Providing dogs with physical and mental stimulation is a critical factor for maintaining their behavioral health.  Enrichment activities will keep shelter dogs busy, so they are less likely to do the things we don't want them to do, while basic training makes dogs more adoptable.

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